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This scene has changed significantly.

I’ve played with adventure game studio since the end of December. Largely, to fulfill my dream of being a sarcastic Sierra game narrator. This game is a completely different tone from all of my other games. I typically make art and horror games, about mental illness and botched surgeries. This one is based of various fantasy novels I read growing up and my favourite Sierra and LucasArts games.

Part of the motivation was to draw everyday, and to not go back and endlessly change the art work.

In good news, my programming skills have gone up, because I have all the programming done. The programming was very smooth. I need to edit the GUI, but that shouldn’t take too long.

All the art is done.  Animations. Backgrounds, objects, etc.


I need to finish the writing part.

You play as a Jellyfish searching for their lost family. Yes, it is ‘their’ has Jelly has not chosen a sex or gender yet. Yes, their family is missing.  It’s not at all that our child protagonist is actually the missing one. No sir. I’ll have none of that nonsense.


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2016-09-18For practice and because I wasn’t keeping up with one game a month, Station is taking a lot longer than I thought, I decided to make a quick recreation of Jenny Holzer’s Truisms in twine.

It is random, but will only scroll  one truism until  you refresh. I’ll need to work on my Javascript skills to do make it randomly scroll through all of them continuously. And there’s an invisible sidebar which it seems to wander in to…

hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this version. Oh well, it’s on the internet now.  I honestly didn’t notice until I was taking a screenshot.

I used Twine 1.4. At the last minute before my deadline I switched from Responsive to Sugarcane, so that explains the sidebar.  I typically use Twine 2, but 1.4 was considerably easier to import a new font.

Check it out here



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I took a processing class last year through Coursera. I ended up making this visualizer called the The Horror movie starts when the romantic comedy ends . It’s not the best visualizer and it was made for an assignment, so don’t expect brillianceI used a sound work I made back in 2008 when I was interested in spiritualism and Ghost hunting.  I use to conduct fake seances in World of Warcraft while I was running back to my corpse.  I also borrowed sound from Fatal Frame II. The interest in using technology to contact the spiritual world is an interesting rabbit hole.

I need to take this part and make something a little more fitting.

I thought about it again because a colleague of mine, told me about Tony Oursler’s   The Influence Machine. 

From what I wrote about it last year.

No you won’t get a phone call that says “Seven days”
If you do, I have no idea what I did wrong. I am so sorry. (reference to the horror movie The Ring, where you watch a scary video that kills you in 7 days.)

An EVP is what ghost hunters record when they hope to talk to spirits. Ghost apparently have an effect on electromagnetic waves and if you record them, put a whole buncha filters on it it sounds like talking. Basically, your brain hears sounds it doesn’t understand and tries to make sense of them. I made a fake one while conducting seances in World of Warcraft and Fatal Frame II.

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Back when I was an undergrad Myfanwy Ashmore showed three NES hacks at Interaccess called the Mario Trilogy. I’ve been curious about NES hacking, but admittedly haven’t had time to sit down with it.

nes-color-palette-1024x576I oddly thought I had written about this because this was a few weekends ago I was working on NES hacks. NES Hacking is taking Roms of old Nintendo Games and editing them for a few different reasons. Some people change the sprites or edit the colour. This stuff is easier to do. Other people re-write the text, which can be tricky if you use more characters than the text originally allowed for. Other people make their own level or mod the game.

You have to use hexadecimal, which I am not familiar with but there are some really good sites and tutorials. I need to play with the code a bit more. It does look like this:2016-06-04 (3) sooo you can understand that it might be a little different than C#, Ruby or Python.

I got interested in doing NES Hacking again because my Mom and I were talking about Zelda 2, and how she got frustrated with stopping and fighting and I wonder if I remove the fighting or make it easier. That way she could play the game and not get so frustrated.

The hardest part is getting started. I didn’t to DOS box any of the programs for NES hacking. Largely, because I am somewhat lazy and didn’t want to install DOS Box.

I ended up playing with Ghost Lion. A game I loved as a kid because OMG it had a girl as 2016-06-04 (2)the main character. The story is somewhat problematic, but that is pretty normal for the time. I wanted to change the game to make myself the protagonist because well there also aren’t a lot of girls with glasses or that have a turned in leg in the games.

This was my start. It’s not great, but pretty decent for an afternoon of editing.



Rom Hacking 

I used Tile Layer pro and FCEUX for the actual editing part

This video was also super useful. How to Hack NES Games: Editing Graphics





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Another quick twine game I made. This one was to try out different codes for the terror of knowing workshop.
It’s inspired by Tale of Tales, The Path.  
I wanted try to make a branching story with three possible endings. Good, bad, and medium.  A couple randomly generated events and to play a bit with the ‘live’ code to make very simple effects. Also, I tried a variable to remember the player’s name.
I like this idea of making short quick program sketches as practice. Like how in drawing you fill up a sketch book to practice. Well, here I go.

I’ll be posting some very bad Processing sketches in a bit too.

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2016-05-28 (1)

I have a slight problem, I start a lot of games and don’t finish them. I’m trying to finish more projects. Part of the problem is that I always work too big. I end up trying to make a novel into a branching story and it never gets finished. To keep coding and making, I’m trying to complete one small game a month using my different coding skills.

This one is a very simple fortune teller. I wrote 72 unique fortunes and used the ‘either’ code in twine to make it randomly select a fortune. Either looks like this : (either: ” cat!”, “dog”, “sandwich”)

I made some of the statements refer to other things outside of foretelling and a few in binary. Yes, you can translate the binary. The goal was not only to have a fortune teller but also a short attempt at a mini narrative in the game about the robot telling you these things.

A few things inspired this quick project. Back in the late 90s, I made a website that did a similar thing, but monthly fortunes in the style of the SNL skit Ed Glosser trivial psychic. Kara Stone‘s Techno Tarot, which I use regularly, is also a point of reference.

It’s an html file, you can download it here.  (edited to add: or Online here!)

Here if you’d like to try out Twine.

I should look into file hosting and then you can just play it in browser.

ETA: Thanks Pippin for the tip!

You play it online here! 

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Code for this workshop

Harlowe manual

furkle’s Twine 2 Harlowe CSS Tutorial

Twine Pictures, GIFs, and Background Images

Extra (May repeat the previous pages)

UofT Twine Resource pdf

Images used in the workshop




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