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2017-04-13 (2)

My last lecture is up on Soundcloud.

I’ve also put up a pdf for the slides.

I will be editing the slideshow together with the sound in the future.

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The Art History Guild

The CAA has written an open letter to Victoria H. F. Scott regarding her paper The Art History Guild. It calls for major changes to the treatment of professors (and professionals) working in Art history. It outlines many of the problems, including the increasing amount of adjuncts and criticizes many of the polices, including expensive fees and transparency of the CAA.

It’s worth a read.

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Another one of my Art history columns is up on Kill Screen!

Check out Brutalist architecture and it’s relationship to Science Fiction and First-person-shooters in Our Future Past.

Who doesn’t love a concrete bunker?

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The part that’s cut off says Paul-Émile Borduas.

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Check out my latest article: ‘Unraveling the Scarlet Crusade‘  @KillScreenMag

I examine the architecture of the Scarlet Crusade and what that tells us about them :D

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It seems I’m becoming quite the author these days.

My post for Kill Screen was posted today.

Check out Going for Baroque 

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Art Historian LFW is devoted to examining all the different opportunities I have with my skill set. This is for all students who are thinking that maybe getting a Ph.D isn’t the only path. We have options. Yes, we have skills to offer the work place.

Skills: Writing, editing, research, self discipline, small business skills (accounting, organization), quoting, self direction, self motivation, tight deadlines.

Education: Depends on publication.

Freelance writing sounds like a wondrous affair. It can be. It’s not easy. It will requiring a lot of query letters before you even get published. Depending on the publication you choose you could make anywhere between nothing and $2 a word.

You can set your own schedule since you are self employed. Since you are self employed, you only have you to rely on for your income. You will need to keep track of your income and do business taxes. It also means you should be constantly looking for work.

It is not recommended to quit your day job when you first start freelancing. Only quit that day job when you start making enough money to live and thrive off. Also make sure you have enough savings to go anywhere between 6 months to 2 years of not working. Freelancing is hard to solely survive on.

I enjoyed Get a Freelance Life it provided a lot of relevant information for people that start freelancing.

Also, don’t be arrogant when querying publications. Be respectful and polite. No one wants to work with a jerk.

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