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I gave up or lost track of Codecademy sometime last year. I kept meaning to get back to it, but I never did.

I was 44% of the way through Javascript and I’ve decided to dump that for now. Partially, because I won’t remember much of it and two, I really didn’t feel like starting over again.

To motivate myself to continue I chose Web Fundamentals for several reasons.

  1. I use HTML
  2. I learned HTML back in 1998 and could use an update
  3. It’s easier to start something you already kinda know
  4. I will continue to use HTML
  5. I really like HTML

I used a list because that was one of the things I learned. I never used order lists <ol></ol> and unordered lists <ul></ul> and the cute numbering <li></li> before. I’m fairly pleased about that new skill.

HTML has changed since 1998, back then I didn’t use <!DOCTYPE hml> to indicate I was using html. I also never used the comment function <!–Comment here!–>

I’m going to assume that all the changes make it user friendly and versatile.

It is nice to get back to coding and not feel like a fish out of water!

Also, the Web Fundamentals section is better written and far easier to understand then Javascript in winter 2012. I stopped in April 2012, which may be boredom or because I was getting IV iron infusions. However, Web Fundamental may seem better to me because I am already familiar with HTML, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that immediately you can see the website you are making. It’s motivating to see you progress. Half the time with Javascript I felt like I wasn’t really gaining anything or grasping what I was doing. I hope that changes when I go back to it, because I do intend too.*

With HTML you feel like you are getting somewhere quickly. You might not be the best at it, but with a little bit of work it’s immediately usable. You can create a website very quickly. It’s not gonna be the nicest website, but it’s something. It seems these days webskills are something everyone can use.

*I went and looked at Javascript and they are using the same format as Web Fundamentals. That’s encouraging.


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