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The part that’s cut off says Paul-Émile Borduas.

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News stories that have trouble and enlightened me this week

MPs to consider debate on when human life begins

This debate gets recycled in Canadian politics anytime the current government doesn’t want you to remember the other bad thing they just did.  This time around they don’t want you to focus on the budget scandal (over spending, shady deals, or the phasing out of committees that examine corruption/spending in the government.) Yes, we should be concerned that a woman’s right to choose and right to receive proper medical care is potentially under attack in Canada. But remember it’s almost always a distraction. 

Lockdown : The coming war on general-purpose computing

 Cory Doctorow’s look at the long history of copyright and general computing. 

Is this still a democracy? You be the judge

Is Canada still a democracy. An argument to prove that we may be as wonderfully democratic or free. It’s a decent summary of some of the articles I have posted early about scientists being muzzled and closed budgets.

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Re-blogging of articles that make me think, wonder, and worry.

Are Canada’s federal scientists being ‘muzzled’?

I had posted the BBC version of this article several weeks ago. It seems it took that long for Canadian reporters to catch wind of it.  Which makes me even more concerned. 

Resistance to antibiotics could bring “the end of modern medicine as we know it”, WHO claim

This story has been floating around since the late 1990s. I learned about antibiotic resistance while studying biology in high school. What my brain didn’t put together was that surgery may no longer be possible or considered minor without them. The  over use of antibiotics to cure colds as well as in food production will lead to changes in how health care will be handled. I am hoping that the difficult to use bacteriophages  may become a viable option.

Save the Internet from the US

(Admittedly, I am not familiar with the organization responsible for the petition. I suggest finding another site for your  home country. I am often weary of signing these petitions because it gives these people my information. I opt to write my members of parliament.)

 This type of law keeps floating around in various parts of the world. The idea that the government should be allow to monitor what you are looking at on the Internet. Part of it is often disguised as ‘good intentions’ to catch criminals, providing the argument that : ‘clearly since you aren’t a child molester you’d have nothing to hide.’ The other part is to catch pirates, which means often these laws are backed large corporations that don’t have your interests in mind, but their interest to make money off of you.  Either which way, no one should have the right to examine your search history without your permission. 

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Because there are things going on that we should keep informed about.

State-Sanctioned Rape: Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa

In the ongoing and polarized pro-life debate in the United States it has been suggested that women seeking an abortion should first have a Tran-Vaginal  Ultrasound. This procedure allegedly will be performed on women who refuse the procedure; essentially these women will have a penis shaped probe shoved into their vagina against their will.   There have been some second thoughts.

Canadian government is ‘muzzling its scientists’

This BBC article informs readers that the Canadian government has a hold on their scientists. For example, if the radiation of the Fukushima reactor was possibly effecting the residents of  British Columbia  we would never know anything about it. Or any or environmental or health concern that is cause for alarm without it first being approved by the government.  (This article was not mentioned in the Canadian press.)

Marketplace – The Toilet Paper chase

A 30 minute look at Canada’s toilet paper industry. The lengths they go to make consumers feel better about their environmental choices. How that ‘environmentally friendly’ toilet paper may not be that friendly. 

(why Panem et Circenses? A government can keep people in line as long as they are fed and have circuses to entertain them. Thus keeping their interest away from important matters.)

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Freestyle Skiing is easily my favourite winter sport. It has speed, grace and everytime a skier completes an acrobatic move, I am in blissful awe. I was over the moon when 22 year old Alexandre Bilodeau earned a gold medal in Freestyle Skiing Men’s Moguls on Valentines day. Though not an image from  Bilodeau’s gold medal run, Bilodeau ended Canada’s gold medal drought of 500 medal attempts on Canadian soil. Canada was the only country to host an Olympics (actually two) and to have never earned a gold medal on their home soil. Congratulations Alexandre Bilodeau. Good luck to the rest of the athletes on the Canadian team. (I’ll still love and respect you even if you come in last ;D )

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