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A recent pike in traffic for “Whatever happened to Art Criticism” reminded me of this review:

Damien Hirst Two Weeks One Summer – review  – Jonathan Jones

When this delightful review was published back in May, in my excitement I shared it on twitter,  facebook, and emailed it to various friends. I gushed about how wondrous it was to read something so bitingly honest. To see a review published that sounds like a critique I would have with a good friend.  An art review that wasn’t a just description of the work, or a vague attempt to explain its importance, or why I should love it. It is very refreshing.

However, I forgot to put it on my blog.  (I was tied up with other matters.) Even two months later, I still am very fascinated and inspired by this brilliant, harsh, honest, witty critique of Hirst’s work.   Bravo Mr. Jones, you’ve given me hope.


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