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2017-03-24 (1)De Stijl is available for download. A platformer made in game maker based on the principles of De Stijl.


And I am trying out Moho Studio which reminds me a bit of after effects. Here’s a short 5 second video I made after I learned a few basics.



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Taking a wee break from all my super serious games to make a quick platformer following the rules of De Stijl.

Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow,  White, Black and Grey.

Straight lines.

Sticking with these rules I made up some rules for De Stijl games.

Movements – up,down, left, right

Actions: Jump

Sounds: Still up for debate – but it’s gonna be simple notes.

Also, I also thought it would be interesting to play a platformer in a De Stijl work of art.

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