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Hi All,

Ya, I haven’t updated in ages. If you came here from the Game Art History panel with Tale of Tales and Liz Ryerson for indie3. I’ve decided to quickly link a few articles that I’ve written and the page for the festival I co-curate. 

And now that I’ve remembered, the machinima about the riots in France is called the French Democracy. The artist who made the Bomberman machinima is Haeyoung Kim.

Thanks for having me and listening. It was my pleasure.

Vector Festival 

Everything, I know about Skyrim, I learned from Jorge Luis Borges.” Kill Screen Daily, Feb 1 2013

Glue Gun” Kill Screen Daily, July 6  2012

Stray from the Path” Kill Screen Daily, June 14 2012

Our Future Past” Kill Screen Daily, May 8 2012

Playing Tricks” Kill Screen Daily, Mar 28 2012

High Scores” and “Ballots – Diana Poulsen.” Kill Screen Daily, Jan 2012

“Augmented Remembering.”  Kill Screen Daily, Nov 2011

“Unraveling the Scarlet Crusade.” Kill Screen Daily, Oct 2011

“Going for Baroque.” Kill Screen Daily, July 2011

Art and Video Games: Intersections.” Gamasutra, July 12 2011


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The Art History Guild

The CAA has written an open letter to Victoria H. F. Scott regarding her paper The Art History Guild. It calls for major changes to the treatment of professors (and professionals) working in Art history. It outlines many of the problems, including the increasing amount of adjuncts and criticizes many of the polices, including expensive fees and transparency of the CAA.

It’s worth a read.

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The part that’s cut off says Paul-Émile Borduas.

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