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I hoped to get something  published before I went under for surgery. I’m glad it did. 

A new article of mine is up at Kill Screen.

This time I compare open word games, in particular Skyrim, to Borges’ short story the Library of Babel.



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Another one of my Art history columns is up on Kill Screen!

Check out Brutalist architecture and it’s relationship to Science Fiction and First-person-shooters in Our Future Past.

Who doesn’t love a concrete bunker?

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Another one of my columns is up on Kill Screen.

It’s called Playing Tricks. It’s about the way that games can trick us into believing and how that is actually a 16th century way of thinking.

I’m actually presenting a longer version of this column at the Canadian Game Studies Association annual conference at Congress in Kitchener-Waterloo this May.

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Kill Screen’s High Scores is up; it’s a great read so check it out here.

My list is posted on Kill Screen as well, so you can check out my picks for 2011. I tend to lean towards MMOs.

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My latest Kill Screen article is up :  Augmented Remembering.

I talk about Alison Landsberg’s book Prosthetic Memory: The Transformation of American Remembrance in the Age of Mass Culture and whether or not, games are capable of generating prosthetic memory through empathy.

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Check out my latest article: ‘Unraveling the Scarlet Crusade‘  @KillScreenMag

I examine the architecture of the Scarlet Crusade and what that tells us about them :D

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It seems I’m becoming quite the author these days.

My post for Kill Screen was posted today.

Check out Going for Baroque 

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