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Joseph Légaré, The Fire in the Saint-Jean Quarter, Seen Looking Westward 1848


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DSC01363 (2)

Patient “But that’s not what she said!

She told me all I needed was an Mirena IUD. Now I’m back to surgery. “

Dr. Surgeon “Oh, that won’t help you at all.  I could put one in, but that would hurt too much. And I know how much you don’t like pain.”

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DSC01355 (3)

And without knowing it,

DSC01356 (3)

I seem to find myself in that room

DSC01357 (3)over and over again.

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DSC013282 (3)

October 2006

Mmm hmm, you’ll have to accept that’s the way you are.

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And despite what they told me, I don’t think I ever got out of that room.



I’m always there. There is no way out.

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Been a while!  I was working on a totally different game for a little while for Femicon’s Theresa Duncan game jam.

I’m done the principal shooting, of course some stuff is gonna get left out and  added in later. Right now the goal is to get a working prototype ready to give the people of the E Health conference and Hacking Health an idea of the potential of this kind of game.

I have bunch of photo editing and cropping to do.

Lot’s of programming.

I think I’ll cut out composing right now, because making or finding music is a bit of a distraction.

I’ve talked to several people and there seems to be general interest in the game. The one thing I got the most demand for was a section where you have to call and book your appointment. I thought I was the only person who this part scared, but no, it seems it’s fairly common for everyone to be uncomfortable calling the office. What do I say? How much is too much information?

Out of the conversations I’ve had with people I’ve realized that the scope of the game is pretty huge and it has basically a never ending opportunity to grow.

NOTE: Everything requires a bit of editing.

Screenshot (239)

I had to make a dialogue box for the game. This is one of the experiments which will be the basis for the Protip and inventory box. That white frame will disappear before the E Health Conference




Intake Nurse weighing the player in the Unicorn costume. If you pick this outfit, nothing bad can happen to you ever. Unless… well you run into Lord Voldemort or someone turns you into a human and you learn what regret means. (yes, there are jokes, possibly terrible ones)




You’ll need to pick up objects from your apartment before you leave for the appointment. You can’t leave your house without your health card. I’ll have to ask a medical secretary what to do if you do leave your health card at home.

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I finally bought a new camera. I went with a Sony A5000. Honestly, it was a hard choice and this one felt the best when I was using it. I’m using this camera to photograph LEGO dioramas to be used in a visual novel/point and click adventure game called Gynaecologist….what?.  This is a game that I am working on with the delightful Dr. Nada. I.M Ibrahaim. We met through the Hacking Health Design Challenge in Toronto. The goal of our game is to teach women how to go to the gynaecologist and thus create an educated and empowered patient. In the game, we will show all the basic things on how an appointment is suppose to go with a focus on uterine fibroids.

I’ve worked with LEGO for my previous game Hysteria: A Surgical Fantasy (links when I document the game.) and LEGO seems to work well for lightening serious subject matter. My interest came about when I initially wanted to do pixel art, but found out I do not have the patience or the skill to do it. Often projects I undertake are for game jams, meaning I don’t have enough time to learn or practice before the game is due.  I’m slightly better at building than I am at drawing and I’ve collected a few medical theme sets for a series of comics I am slowly drafting. LEGO seems logical. However, this can quickly be changed to illustration too.

LEGO simplifies forms and makes threatening spaces look friendly. Hence, why I like using it to talk about medicine; I have PTSD from medical trauma. It makes it easier to talk about these kinds of subjects without having to see the real thing. Instead there is a brightly colour simplified version. Admittedly, part of the game is meant to act as exposure therapy for patients like me who have a hard time even stepping foot in a hospital, let alone allowing a doctor to touch them. To show that appointments can actually go right, and as patient you have some control.

Here’s a series of test shots for the new game. I’ve build modest version of some of the locations for Gynaecologist….what?

(Not pictured, Dialogue box and options. Interface to come very soon!)

One friend telling the other about their heavy bleeding over cupcakes and pastry (they need drinks and a better background)





At Reception – Everything is going well (Note this needs to be retaken)


Now things aren’t going so well (I’m thinking about an option where things go wrong)

In the waiting room (And you choose to ask a friend to come! Yup, you can call a friend or go solo)

Another shot of the waiting room with the scary robot receptionist.

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