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This coming week is Patient safety week.

I started to post my advice under the hashtag #asklistentell

Here are some of my tweets, yes I did see the spelling errors after I hit tweet. Embedding tweets doesn’t seem to work, so I’ve pasted them as they appeared.

Patients ask questions. Doctors Listen. e.g when I tell you that resistance to anesthetic runs in my family, don’t be surprised I’m awake

When I tell you about my heavy period, maybe don’t advise I get pregnant right way.

When I tell you I won’t remember to take BC pills everyday, maybe offer something else like an IUD or depo provera.

Patients if you doctor refuses to answer your question, interrupts you, to tell you to “trust me”, Get a new doctor

If you are scared to ask a question, bring it in on a piece of paper and bring a recorder to save the answer.

If you’ve been teased or are dismissed, get another opinion. e.g I had a gyno laugh in my face about sexual pain.

The best appointment I had, I was prepared and had researched what I wanted. ‘s standards are useful information.





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