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Nov 17 is the closing date for feedback on this draft for heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB). Canada has an usually high rate of hysterectomy and patient care is very inconsistent for HMB. You lived experience, advice could go on to change the lives of millions of patients.

You may share this status.

I was one of the patient experts on this draft.

I am not an HMB success story. I was treated for it. It took 6 years for me to get help for the issue. Along the way I was shamed and humiliated. I spent years bleeding though pads, menstrual cups to the point were I ended up with regular mini strokes from anemia and what I think might have been a micro heart attack. I was 29. While waiting for surgery I spent 8 months with a 26-30 day long period, (I had if I was lucky 6 days off) where I would lose about a liter of blood over that period of time and 70% of it on a single day. I ended up with PTSD from my symptoms and terrible care. I was treated like I was over reacting. My case is also complex because part of my care was interrupted by a medical error, which no one wanted to acknowledge.

This standard will give patients options to control their bleeding while they wait for surgery. I proposed a self assessment tool because sometimes if you’ve had it for so long, or your whole life you might not know until you are anemic. (The self assessment tool is not included, but do mention it the feedback because if it’s demanded they will make it) These changes will help millions of patients.

Please, your thoughts will be helpful.

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