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If it doesn’t skip to 18:52 secs, then skip there. If not, enjoy my favourite episode of the English dub of Sailor Moon. Yup, Time Bomb. Why is this one my favourite? Because it’s the first episode I watched when the show originally aired in September of 1996 and I fell in love. Yes, love and I’ve never stopped loving Sailor Moon.

Also, the “Sailor Moon Says” is one of the few I actually remember because I still struggle with it.  Despite how much Sailor Mercury tells me to slow down and do it right the first time, I am impatient and often need to do it again and again and again. And I’m a bit of a freak show as soon as I think I am gonna be late… but that’s another story.

I’m actually listening to the episode as I type this…


I made it through html Tables in codeacdemy. I’m so fancy now! I’m really updating my mad 1998 html skillz. The reason why I gained html skills in the first place was Sailor Moon.  Gather around kids and I’ll tell you a story of when the Internet was grey and blue. When Netscape was the browser of choice and getting anything with an ‘@’ was baffling.  Srsly, what’s circle A?

Well I was a young anime nerd (or Japanimation as we called it back then) I needed my fix. I blame the 80s dub of Nausicaa and the Valley of Wind (called Warriors of the Wind) it ignited for my passion for anime (not so much anymore) and I knew there had to be more Sailor Moon out there; I just needed to find it. When my family first got the internet and I was not impressed. There were a lot of government sites and it was very ugly. Grey and blue.  Dull. The computer we had the internet on was in the factory, and if you were in the factory my dad would very quickly find you a task. It didn’t help that the computer was stained yellow from cigarette smoke. All reasons I didn’t want to use this internet.

Eventually I realized: “Hey wait, maybe there are other people that like anime.” And there was! (Luckily we got another computer with the internet for the house)

Of course the websites weren’t great, and there was that period of time when Netscape seemed to only ping back porn sites.  I wasn’t interested in porn back then. Not that it was really geared towards me. I learned to use Internet Explorer, found the search engine Alta Vista and bang! “Sailormoon” or “Sailor Moon”  jackpot!  But, other than Hitoshi Doi’s site there weren’t a lot of great sites, and in particular, there weren’t a lot of image sites. The ones there were great I can’t seem to remember their names…

I collected a lot of Sailormoon images, mpegs and realvideo files and decided to build my own website. A Chrono Trigger themed website called Enhasa – City of Dreams that was a huge collection of things I liked. (I’ve linked a post I wrote a while ago. I worked on that site until about 2003, when I accidentally destroyed it in web art related mess…)

I watched Sailor Moon Stars in weekly clips over a dial up connection. Part of the reason I even use a computer is because I needed more Sailor Moon. I learned how to make animated gifs because there were no Sailor Starlight transformation gifs. And Seiya is the best, s/he deserves lots of animated gifs.

In 1999, and 2000, I made two high school webprojects. One of them I got 125% because my webskills were impressive back then; they are laughable now.  When I applied for my BFA – Visual Arts it was still a biggish deal that I knew HTML because hypertext was still pretty new in the art world.

It’s entirely Sailor Moon‘s fault I am on the internet.

Doing Codeademy is a kind of homecoming for me.

Yes, I realized I should write about <table></table><tr></tr><td></td> but I’ve peaked ahead to CSS and it seems irrelevant.  What I have to say about tables is that they remind me of Sailormoon and my first website. I never put my images in tables. I did thumbnails eventually, but I really didn’t like the coldness of a table.  So that’s that. 

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