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Mel Chin

Environmentalists and people who want to change the world

Theodore Géricault

People who enjoy watching moments of intense psychological drama

Jackson Pollack

People who colour outside the lines

Caspar David Friedrich

People enchanted by the mysteriousness of nature

J. M. W. Turner

People in awe of the destructive power of nature and the beauty of light


People who secretly want to be cyborgs

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I made a mistake on Manet, so I changed it.


People who can hold their liquor


People that are dancers or work in theatre

Georgia O’Keeffe

Girls who have experimented with other girls in college. (Occasionally hard-core innocent gardeners)

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Stereotyping People by Their Favourite Artist – A series

(Or so they tell me anyway. I always think people lie to look smart, which is why they look so dumbfounded when I say that Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl (1963) is the only work of art that brought me to tears. You know what I am talking about, all those people that tell you Citzen Kane is their fav movie and we all know they are so full of shit. I’ll respect you if you tell me Weekend at Bernie’s is your fav flick, fuck I am Labyrinth and Howl’s Moving Castle person, why would I judge?)


I stole/appropriated this idea from Lauren Leto’s Readers by Author.

This is of course meant to be funny and not always accurate.

Salvador Dali

20 and under: A High School or First Year student trying to sound smart.  30 and over: Someone who is a little kinky

Vincent van Gogh

Someone that believes them-self to be tormented.

Istvan Kantor

Easily swayed to join a cult and are exceptionally devoted. (Someone bet me that it would be an Kantor fan that would complain/stab me first. Hell, they are enthusiastic and I think that’s a good thing. It’s nice, but admittedly a little intimidating to see people be that much in love with art.)

MC Esher

Smokes pot in their dorm room. (while singing about going up the sideways stairs.)

The Group of Seven

Likes nature, but has no understanding of Canadian History or little interest in contemporary Canadian culture.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Engineers and other people who wouldn’t visit an Art Gallery.

George Stubbs

People who love horses and are riders

Graffiti Artists

Kids that will end up in graphic design or marketing. However, depending on their poseur-ness, possibly sentenced to a bland office job and a picket fence.


People trying to become ‘cultured’ and needing other people to know that they are ‘cultured’.

Barbara Kruger

Girls going through an extreme feminist phase.

Judy Chicago

Probably only knows The Dinner Party.

Andy Warhol

Secretly want to be invited to happening but too square to do drugs.


People who need reasons to explain their terrible understanding of proportion and perspective.


People that want to appear classy but end up seeming bland.


People trying to sound intellectual, but are unaware that he was more of sculptor.

The Independent Group

Adults who secretly read comic books and/or play videogames and enjoy watching commercials.

Jim Drain

People who are afraid of sock puppets and adore Cosby sweaters.

Jesper Just

People that secretly and desperately want to world to break out into song. (Glee fans should be Jesper Just fans. Srsly, get on that)

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