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2017-03-24 (1)De Stijl is available for download. A platformer made in game maker based on the principles of De Stijl.


And I am trying out Moho Studio which reminds me a bit of after effects. Here’s a short 5 second video I made after I learned a few basics.




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Finished a new game for No Jam via Dames making games. It’s called Stepper, and follows up on some of the ideas I had in Iron Cat. It’s an RPG about my experience in healthcare and the resulting PTSD that came from my symptoms and poor care. It is a rough draft, I’m gonna continue plucking away on it.

I programmed it and wrote it. The music and graphics are all from RPG Maker VX Ace and a few tilesets I bought.

Check it out. I’m working on a longer essay about the game.

It’s appearing as part of GAME/CHANGE & Extraordinary Mind Game Arcade as part of Rendezvous With Madness film festival with Workman Arts on Nov 12 2016



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Say When 002

the terror of knowing explores issues in mental health and the therapeutic impulse through an interactive exhibition of narrative-based video-games. Works by artists Soha Kareem, Kaitlyn Tremblay and Rokashi Edwards will challenge their players to re-evaluate their own understanding of illness and recovery, and provoke questions about generalization and treatment choices in our healthcare system. Curated by Diana Poulsen and Matt Sparling (of Player 2)

March 19 2016 7pm – 10pm



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Hi All,

Ya, I haven’t updated in ages. If you came here from the Game Art History panel with Tale of Tales and Liz Ryerson for indie3. I’ve decided to quickly link a few articles that I’ve written and the page for the festival I co-curate. 

And now that I’ve remembered, the machinima about the riots in France is called the French Democracy. The artist who made the Bomberman machinima is Haeyoung Kim.

Thanks for having me and listening. It was my pleasure.

Vector Festival 

Everything, I know about Skyrim, I learned from Jorge Luis Borges.” Kill Screen Daily, Feb 1 2013

Glue Gun” Kill Screen Daily, July 6  2012

Stray from the Path” Kill Screen Daily, June 14 2012

Our Future Past” Kill Screen Daily, May 8 2012

Playing Tricks” Kill Screen Daily, Mar 28 2012

High Scores” and “Ballots – Diana Poulsen.” Kill Screen Daily, Jan 2012

“Augmented Remembering.”  Kill Screen Daily, Nov 2011

“Unraveling the Scarlet Crusade.” Kill Screen Daily, Oct 2011

“Going for Baroque.” Kill Screen Daily, July 2011

Art and Video Games: Intersections.” Gamasutra, July 12 2011

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I hoped to get something  published before I went under for surgery. I’m glad it did. 

A new article of mine is up at Kill Screen.

This time I compare open word games, in particular Skyrim, to Borges’ short story the Library of Babel.


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Another one of my Art history columns is up on Kill Screen!

Check out Brutalist architecture and it’s relationship to Science Fiction and First-person-shooters in Our Future Past.

Who doesn’t love a concrete bunker?

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Kill Screen’s High Scores is up; it’s a great read so check it out here.

My list is posted on Kill Screen as well, so you can check out my picks for 2011. I tend to lean towards MMOs.

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