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I hoped to get something  published before I went under for surgery. I’m glad it did. 

A new article of mine is up at Kill Screen.

This time I compare open word games, in particular Skyrim, to Borges’ short story the Library of Babel.


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Saturday February 4th at 2pm EST Steam gamers were called to play the seminal 2005 title Half Life 2. This “Call for Communication” group numbered 50,000. Their hope was to bring the seven year old Half Life 2, into the Steam rankings. With 13,216 players they managed to break the 11th most concurrently at peak hours played game on Steam for Saturday.

The goal of the organizers was to let Valve, the develop of the Half Life series and creator of Steam, know that players still love Half Life 2 and are awaiting Half Life 3. The online videogame magazine,  Kotaku, labeled the event as protest, since players were  taking a stand that it was time for Valve to begin work on Half Life 3.

However, this ‘embedded reporter’ argues that Red Letter Day was a celebration rather than protest. Reading over the comments from various players, words like Half Life 3 or protest were hardly mentioned, until the Kotaku article was published, but players wrote fondly of accomplishments they made in Half Life 2, how much they still love it, and that ‘we should do this every weekend.’

While, yes, they were making a stand to show Valve that they wanted Half Life 3, it’s hard to lump this event as a protest with the immediate negative connotations that are associated with ‘protesting’.

Even though organizers received less than half their anticipated players, they were proud of the accomplishment of making Half Life 2 once again appear in the Steam Rankings.

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