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WoW parody created and written by Tyranno (parody of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro)

I didn’t make this, but it is entirely made of awesome.


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Kill Screen’s High Scores is up; it’s a great read so check it out here.

My list is posted on Kill Screen as well, so you can check out my picks for 2011. I tend to lean towards MMOs.

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So literally one half of my regular 10 man raid group in World of Warcraft is composed of native French speakers. I was very excited about this because I thought: “oh, I am so awesome at French, let me dazzle them!”  I have eight years of studying French and I passed my art history French translation test. Clearly, since I haven’t touched French in like 3 years I should still be awesome at it, right?

I am outright craptacular at French.

I was trying to write to one of my friends and he kept correcting me, however, my feelings weren’t hurt but I was happy for the feedback. I am going to make an effort to write and speak in French during these raids. They all speak English which apparently makes a few of them uncomfortable, understandable, but if as I have said before “Your English is fantastic”.

Part of my plan is to get better at French so I can talk to my fellow healer. I get the feeling they are one of those uncomfortable English speaking types and maybe if they can laugh at my horrible French we can plan out a better healing strategy.


A side note:  Because well, I don’t really want to re-spec shadow because I am embarrassingly terrible at it. Like 12K dps in ilvl 372 terrible. Yes, that terrible. I don’t run heroics as Shadow because I don’t like being carried. I have no problem with constructive critique, I learn from that. Part of it is I have mismatched gear for my set and need to read-up on what a Cata Shadow priest needs. I just haven’t set aside time to do my research.

Back in WOTLK I was pulling 12-14k in heroic ICC, soooooo there is some hope for my fail shadow spec. (I think I was doing 13-15k on my rogue)  I was hoping to maybe try holy and the other priest can stay disc.  But I may just suck it up and learn how to play my class. (even though I do prefer my rogue dps.)

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A few days late on this post. End of term deadlines will do that to you. I have played all of the new 5man dungeons and they are pretty fun. It’s not at all like Wotlk where if you got HoR you would have been completely screwed in a bad pug. I think I was expecting them to be hard, and was little surprised that I breathed through all of them in a morning.  More on that on another day. I have an application to hand in today and some more edits.

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I was reading  the forums and saw this

For priests alone right now:


-Divine Hymn is Holy spec only.
-Renew is Holy spec only.
-Mass dispel is not listed as available for any spec.
-Divine Ageis is gone from disc spec.
-Heal and Binding Heal are available for Holy spec only.
-Devouring Plague is not listed as a Shadow spec ability.
-Greater Heal is Holy/Disc spec only.
-Shackle Undead is not listed as available for any spec.

(quoting NE priest Aenwyn)

This list is very disconcerting.  I use binding heal and renew regularly as a Disc priest.

I had played with the talent calculator for the Priest class for Mists of Pandaria early to comfort my self over the potential loss of my dual spec. I had hoped there would be some way I could put points into something so I could actually fight, but no. Looks like I’ll be playing shadow when the new expac first hits.

It’s still early, so maybe they will fix it?

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( For those of you searching for internet connection issues, My internet connection issues were on Nov 23rd from 946-1117pm)

I got invited to a Firelands raid with my guild this week. I was totally hyped about going. My good friend and I would be going together for our first time and we’d both be healing.  The first part went well, I wasn’t running out of mana and I seemed to be getting back into my good swing of healing like I did back in Heroic ICC.

Shannox went down without much effort. I was being really good, ready to take on the rest of the bosses

We got to Beth’tilac and I was healing and keeping everyone up no problem. I saved my Power Word barrier waiting for it to be called. Then everything stopped moving. I was still casting the same spell. I yelled over vent – “I’ve dc-ed!” hoping someone would hear me.

Then the “you’ve been disconnected from the server message.” In a panic I typed in my password and tried to re-log. Maybe they are still alive, I thought. I try to tell them I was coming back in vent. Vent was silent. I Alt Tabbed, and looked at my connection. The internet is was down. I shook my head that can’t be right. I unplugged my modem in a fury, counting to 20, maybe that will help, right? I kept eyeing the clock thinking “Oh no, they’ve all wiped because of me.”  I got my modem plugged back in, and still no internet. It was gone dried up like they said in South Park. There was no internets to be had in my apartment.

I wasn’t going to give up. I’m a healer, the guild needs me. I quickly turn my head to scold my significant other; he must be downloading or something. I open my mouth to yell at him, but close it again. He’s still playing Skyrim, his computer is closed. It’s not his fault.  If it’s not him, then it’s me. I decide in a panic, maybe it’s my internet card and my computer been acting strange, maybe a quick restart will do it. As I re-start my computer, my significant other says “Oh, it says we are disconnected from the Playstation network.” I slam my head on my keyboard. It’s not my computer; it’s neither of my wireless router or my modem. Rogers internet is down. May day! Rogers internet is down!

I look at my clock, 15 minutes has passed. I lament to my significant other in a pathetic girly voice “Oh no, they’ve replaced me by now.”

He absently responds while playing Skyrim “That’s terrible honey.”

I pick up my phone and call the hotline, my pay per minute phone tells me I have one minute remaining and disconnects me. Yes, it costs money to use an 800 number. I’m cut off from the world… of warcraft. Do I find a payphone and nag Rogers? Is it time I finally switch to a better phone plan? Or get better internet?

After 40 minutes I give up. The internet is down, there’s nothing I can do about.

Resting my chin on the edge of my laptop keyboard and I stare at my computer and hope, like a small child, that internet will come back on. At the 50 minute mark I give up and begin to work on my NaNoWriMo writing (once again 3000 words behind)

Out of nowhere a small message pops up, “You are connected to the internet.” It’s been an hour and I log on to World of Warcraft to explain my absence. I can’t get on. There’s still something wrong.  I got to an internet speed test website, my speed is slower than my old dial up connection.

Another 20 minutes pass and I finally get on to WoW, and then I DC again.

Another 10 minutes and I have a stable connection.  Here come the whispers.

Our raid leader told me that what they assumed I had lost my internet connection, though they were very confused at first. I’ve never disconnected mid raid. My friend messaged me and asked what happened and offered his condolences. My guild leader who had invited me to the raid also whispered to tell me, that it was very unfortunate because she had really wanted me to be there. I told her I did too and ask if I had caused a wipe with my DC. She told me that she died (the tank) but they just made it through.  She offered me a BoE sword, but Priests can’t use swords, I politely declined and told her to sell it. I went to look at what dropped. Nothing I could use. At least that was something, right?

(edited for grammar. I really shouldn’t post first drafts. There’s probably still errors, but it’s a blog /shrug)

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Sunday I picked up my seventh anniversary gift from World of Warcraft.  I wasn’t expecting a pet, just an achievement. I was perplexed by the item I got this year. It would allow me to gain 7% more experience and reputation for an hour, but only during the WoW 7th anniversary. At first I groaned at it this lovely gift. It’s a great idea, but I assumed that I would have to use it on Sunday.  I had already planned to go out, so I was annoyed that it was going to go to waste.

Luckily, I decided to do my research and I found it it lasts two weeks! Woot!

What a great gift.  I can finish leveling my horde DK and get my guild rep up to exalted on my other two toons. :D

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