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WoW parody created and written by Tyranno (parody of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro)

I didn’t make this, but it is entirely made of awesome.



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I was reading  the forums and saw this

For priests alone right now:


-Divine Hymn is Holy spec only.
-Renew is Holy spec only.
-Mass dispel is not listed as available for any spec.
-Divine Ageis is gone from disc spec.
-Heal and Binding Heal are available for Holy spec only.
-Devouring Plague is not listed as a Shadow spec ability.
-Greater Heal is Holy/Disc spec only.
-Shackle Undead is not listed as available for any spec.

(quoting NE priest Aenwyn)

This list is very disconcerting.  I use binding heal and renew regularly as a Disc priest.

I had played with the talent calculator for the Priest class for Mists of Pandaria early to comfort my self over the potential loss of my dual spec. I had hoped there would be some way I could put points into something so I could actually fight, but no. Looks like I’ll be playing shadow when the new expac first hits.

It’s still early, so maybe they will fix it?

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I thought I would take it easy today (I need to catch up on some missed NaNoWriMo writing, I blame editing).

Enjoy the original (non-parody) Don’t make me get my main by Cranius.


I just found this parody.

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linken5. Linken Quest line in World of Warcraft (Videogame)

The Linken Quest line serves a strange commentary on the familiarity of Role Playing Game narratives.  It illuminates the similarity of many RPG narratives in a single quest line in WofW. Using the Legend of Zelda narrative, the player must collect objects to help Linken (the WofW version of Link) regain his memory. Players are rewarded with the Sword of Mastery and Linken’s Boomerang which are WofW versions of the iconic Master Sword and Boomerang.

4. Fatal Frame 3 manga collection

Though entirely in Japanese, the fan fiction manga for Fatal Frame 3 (as well as the manga collections for the previous two Fatal Frame games), adds an extra dimension to the narrative. It is beautifully illustrated with a wide variety of drawing styles. From the images alone, you get the sense of what these authors are adding to the FF3 narrative.

3. Tin Man (TV Series)

I’ve always enjoyed the animated versions as well as graphic novels of the Wizard of Oz. Honestly, I’ve never been keen on the musical version. Tin Man is the first filmed and acted version of the Wizard of Oz that I have enjoyed. It is simply a darker and interesting take on the Wizard of Oz. However, I wish they had gone further with it.

1165641897_Ealice2. American McGee’s Alice (videogame)

American McGee’s re-imaging of Wonderland after Alice’s family died tragically in a  fire, causing her to go mad and spend the rest of her life in an Asylum. She re-visits Wonderland, however Wonderland is  dark and twisted to reflect her now insane mind. Alice is no longer a lost little girl, but it is at home and is as frightening as the residents of Wonderland.

1. Teacher  by Loten (Fan Fiction)

Teacher is Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic told from the perspective of Numair Salmalín. Loten is one of few fan fiction authors that I felt profoundly understood Numair’s character. The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce is easily one of my favourite reads. Numair is a character that I have always wanted to read more about.  Loten’s version of the first book in series fills in blanks and satisfied my curiosity about Tortall’s greatest mage . Loten’s re-telling of the entire Immortal series is helping me await Tamora Pierce’s own duo on Numair.

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