Jenny Holzer Truisms

2016-09-18For practice and because I wasn’t keeping up with one game a month, Station is taking a lot longer than I thought, I decided to make a quick recreation of Jenny Holzer’s Truisms in twine.

It is random, but will only scroll  one truism until  you refresh. I’ll need to work on my Javascript skills to do make it randomly scroll through all of them continuously. And there’s an invisible sidebar which it seems to wander in to…

hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this version. Oh well, it’s on the internet now.  I honestly didn’t notice until I was taking a screenshot.

I used Twine 1.4. At the last minute before my deadline I switched from Responsive to Sugarcane, so that explains the sidebar.  I typically use Twine 2, but 1.4 was considerably easier to import a new font.

Check it out here



dontAnother project I’m working on. Yes, the horror game is still in progress.

I’ve been talking Heavy menstrual bleeding for … awhile now. Actually, it’s almost 10 years since the first time I tried talk to a doctor about my unusual period. Apparently, I might be a ‘champion’ of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and I’m okay with that.

Here’s some sketches for the assets for a game I’ve been thinking about, but really need to make.  I need to work on my tampon and menstrual cup drawing skills. The animated angry uterus will be a fun one to do.







Slow rolling edits

I’m spending a bit more time in this space, so don’t be surprised if things start moving around. Example, I finally added an up-to-date PDF version of my CV, because wow, that page was looking a little rough.

Apparently, I don’t know how to use tumblr, so three weeks of posts were uploaded in four days. If you want to sneak ahead on Conversations with My Surgeon you are more than welcome to while I manage cross post here in a sensible matter.  There was a bit of a delay here, because my country internet was not having any of my uploads.

2016-08-21I’m still working away on Station.  I’ve managed to compose some pretty decent horror music using audacity and  pxtone (yes, that page is in Japanese, here’s an English manual).

There’s three paths for Edana to follow. I’ve been having fun writing them in Scrivener. I really wasn’t planning for this game to become a large thing, but I started to like the story. It’s gonna need a bit of love and constructive criticism. But I’ll keep moving forward.

ETA: I’m playing with different fonts and I updated the categories, so it’s useful. Meaning if you want to see all posts about a subject, you can!

July horror

Screenshot (91)Whatever happened to my July game? I broke my one game a month rule. I could have spent an afternoon and thrown together a quick twine game, but I decided to keep working on this one and not worry about this game a month deadline.  I did get about 40 hours logged into RPGmaker for Station, (according to steam) but it’s not finished. I’m not including hours spent writing and music editing.

Originally I had planned something short, but then it kinda took a life of it’s own and became a little bigger and bigger. I started composing music for it and writing a script.  I found this great font called Lemon Milk. I started work on a branching narrative with Multiple endings…

I am not particularly good at making small things.  I have to laugh at myself, because I do this everytime. “Oh, I have this idea. Wait a second, let’s make every option ever!”

No, I didn’t make the sprites, they are all from the HorrorPop set. I did recently buy a pixel editor, sooo, I may try my hand at sprites for another project.

2016-08-09 (1)The game is a bit stream of consciousness. I drew on inspiration from my experiences with PTSD and sleep paralysis. Unlike Iron Cat, I avoided using things that would trigger me and thus making me avoid completing the game. I reference a bit from Octavia Butler who was the first author I could read without loosing focus when I was deep in the PTSD. Those magic moments when I could read entire chapters and remember the entire thing where amazing. Hence, why I named the main character Edana.

Screenshot (93)

Station is the story of Edana who finds herself in a world surrounded in fog and entirely populated by shadows. She’s guided by notes and papers left behind by previous inmates of this world.

I should be finished the first draft by September.