Pixel art attempts

Slowly teaching myself pixel art.

I figure the more I do, the more progress I’ll have. As I joked with my friend last night, that pixel art tampon won’t draw itself.



Inktober is where you get a series of prompts and draw every day in October. I choose to do quick sketches on my ipad. Technically, I think you are suppose to use ink, but I figured drawing everyday was the main point.  I choose two of the different prompts, both witch themed but with different things.  It’s day 10 and I’ve managed to keep up. I have 20 drawings so far, not all of them are good, but at least they are done.


Jenny Holzer Truisms

2016-09-18For practice and because I wasn’t keeping up with one game a month, Station is taking a lot longer than I thought, I decided to make a quick recreation of Jenny Holzer’s Truisms in twine.

It is random, but will only scroll  one truism until  you refresh. I’ll need to work on my Javascript skills to do make it randomly scroll through all of them continuously. And there’s an invisible sidebar which it seems to wander in to…

hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this version. Oh well, it’s on the internet now.  I honestly didn’t notice until I was taking a screenshot.

I used Twine 1.4. At the last minute before my deadline I switched from Responsive to Sugarcane, so that explains the sidebar.  I typically use Twine 2, but 1.4 was considerably easier to import a new font.

Check it out here



dontAnother project I’m working on. Yes, the horror game is still in progress.

I’ve been talking Heavy menstrual bleeding for … awhile now. Actually, it’s almost 10 years since the first time I tried talk to a doctor about my unusual period. Apparently, I might be a ‘champion’ of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and I’m okay with that.

Here’s some sketches for the assets for a game I’ve been thinking about, but really need to make.  I need to work on my tampon and menstrual cup drawing skills. The animated angry uterus will be a fun one to do.