A Last lecture

2017-04-13 (2)

My last lecture is up on Soundcloud.

I’ve also put up a pdf for the slides.

I will be editing the slideshow together with the sound in the future.


De Stijl and Moho

2017-03-24 (1)De Stijl is available for download. A platformer made in game maker based on the principles of De Stijl.


And I am trying out Moho Studio which reminds me a bit of after effects. Here’s a short 5 second video I made after I learned a few basics.



De Stijl

Taking a wee break from all my super serious games to make a quick platformer following the rules of De Stijl.

Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow,  White, Black and Grey.

Straight lines.

Sticking with these rules I made up some rules for De Stijl games.

Movements – up,down, left, right

Actions: Jump

Sounds: Still up for debate – but it’s gonna be simple notes.

Also, I also thought it would be interesting to play a platformer in a De Stijl work of art.


Rough title screen

I didn’t manage to make it to Toronto today to jam on site for Feb Fatale 5, but I have managed to jam successfully off site.

I did make fair bit of progress. Of course, a lot of stuff is place holders.


It’s a menstruation resource management game.

I’ve got three status bars that you’ll need to keep from draining, and one that you’ll need to keep from filling.

Shields – is your products (tampons, pads etc)

Health – is managing your anemia (this bar isn’t active in all modes, because some people will not struggle with anemia)

Life – you’ll need to go out, sleep, and go to work without bleeding through your pants. Sleep is the dangerous one, because some of us, do wake up in pools of our own blood. Also the joy of the long conference call when you stand up and feel a gush of blood.

Discomfort – you need to prevent this bar from filling. In some modes this will be impossible as the pain will be too high. Discomfort includes things like pain, shame, rashes (typically from heat from pads, or allergy to pads), dryness (changing tampons too frequently), etc

Allowing any one of these bars to hit their zero state results in a loss.


lose – I’ve lost so many times



Win- For some of us, the game goes on for years. 

A win is achieved by managing to survive through a cycle. Of course, the win is only temporary because well this game in real life goes on for years. I have the screen ready for a win, but not the actual programming part.

That’s it for Sunday.

Oh here’s an animated gif, that I don’t really care for anymore. It takes up way too much memory and is just not much to write home about.



I’m taking a wee break from writing Jelly’s Adventure, and back to my super serious medical game making.

For Feb Fatale I’m working on a resource management menstruation game. It’s called Don’t Bleed Through Your Pants. I’ve been working on the groundwork for this one for while, but I’m finally doing the base coding and assets.


I choose to use game maker instead of construct 2. I wanted to make a game that can be played in a browser. I went with game maker because there is a little more options for writing code rather than using a visual language. My mind seems to be leaning towards code more these days.

I’m going to make several different modes as periods are wildly different. Sometimes it’s not about quantity of blood, but how an unpredictable cycle can ninja you.

Resources that need to managed are your ‘shields’ aka all the stuff to protect your pants. In what I’ve temporarily called “Diana’s nightmare 8 month geyser of blood” you’ll have manage your anemia.


Is this Uterus scary enough?

You’ll have to manage your distance from a toilet/waste paper basket. Part of the motivation is I want people to get the idea that some periods basically trap you in a radius of a bathroom. You can’t watch an entire movie or sleep, because you have to change your products. Other’s can basically surprise you when you least expect it, and it might be a relief that you got because “whewww I’m not pregnant.” Other periods can be so painful, that you simply cannot function.

Changing products too much or too little results in discomfort. I can say I’ve definitely had a sandpaper tampon cut my insides like Captain Crunch cuts your mouth. Different products have different levels of protection, and some can be used in combination.

Right now, it’s about getting the basic framework set and then releasing the more complex version in May 2017.

I did get a bit of a head start. Makes me feel a bit like a cheater, but I’m missing most of the jam tomorrow because I’ll be in my car. fibroid

Also, I wanted to show that sometimes it’s not ‘just you.’ That people with periods aren’t whiny, or over reacting, but there might actually something wrong if you are limited by your period.  My blood geyser was a lovely mix of fibroids and a probably a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrands (I say probably, because the hematologist suggested that it might be a cause, but also never tested me for it.) The problem is that we shame periods so much, that a lot of people don’t get help, or are often refused help because they are told “it’s just your period.” I was told to get pregnant for years, because creating a human is a very sensible solution to controlling flow. (That was sarcasm.)

Here I go, trying to teach people about how managing menstruation isn’t easy.

I am a pro at bleeding all over the damn place.


This scene has changed significantly.

I’ve played with adventure game studio since the end of December. Largely, to fulfill my dream of being a sarcastic Sierra game narrator. This game is a completely different tone from all of my other games. I typically make art and horror games, about mental illness and botched surgeries. This one is based of various fantasy novels I read growing up and my favourite Sierra and LucasArts games.

Part of the motivation was to draw everyday, and to not go back and endlessly change the art work.

In good news, my programming skills have gone up, because I have all the programming done. The programming was very smooth. I need to edit the GUI, but that shouldn’t take too long.

All the art is done.  Animations. Backgrounds, objects, etc.


I need to finish the writing part.

You play as a Jellyfish searching for their lost family. Yes, it is ‘their’ has Jelly has not chosen a sex or gender yet. Yes, their family is missing.  It’s not at all that our child protagonist is actually the missing one. No sir. I’ll have none of that nonsense.